We’ve brought the European ‘Frite Shop’ to Mount Dora!

  • Delicious ‘Pomme Frites’ Belgian-Style Fries
  • Fresh-made Dipping Sauces
  • Tasty Sandwiches
  • Craft Sodas
  • Beer from Glutenberg Brewery
  • Wine from our Self-Serve Wine Station
  • And All Gluten-Free!

Our Story

Fun food without the gluten worry! Delicious “Pommes Frites” Belgian-style fries, fresh-made dipping sauces, tasty 100% gluten free sandwiches, handcrafted sodas, Beer from Glutenberg Brewery, self serve wine stations ALL 100% Gluten free!

About the salted fry

“The Only thing better than our food, is our Customer Service!”

Dale Duffy, Owner

The Salted Fry

Awards & Recognition

Best of the Best Winner 2021!

Customer Arrivals + Smiles x Empty Plates and Cups ÷ Great Customer Service =

  • Daily Fresh Menus
  • Fresh-made Dipping Sauces
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Creative Chefs
  • Authentic Cuisine

Get Started at The Salted Fry

Are you suddenly craving a gluten-free meal? You can either visit our gluten-free restaurant or order online. We offer both carry-out and delivery services, our drivers quickly deliver your order while it’s still hot. When you receive your Pomme Frites or sandwich, rest assured they taste the same as if you eat out at our restaurant.