What People are Saying

5 star reveiws
“This place is awesome! Fully GF, with a great menu. We had a gf beer, a cider, the roast beef sandwich, a cheesesteak sandwich and the Peaked Hill fries. Been a long time since I felt so comfortable dining out!”
Julie Bostian
5 star reveiws
“The Fries are so good..”
“The fries are so good here!! They do offer sandwiches but we only tried the fries. Looking forward to going back for the sandwiches. We had the regular fries with the different dips. The poutine and the truffle fries. The fries are good on their own but man those dips are heaven.”
Darren Huggins
5 star reveiws
“Another successful experience”
“I have some friends visiting from out of state and we’ve eaten here twice in less than a week. One of my friends has a severe gluten allergy and this is the first time she was able to fully relax and enjoy the food without the risk of cross contamination.”
Ric Williams
5 star reveiws
“I am obsessed with the Salted Fry”
“I am obsessed with the Salted Fry! I love the staff, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks…everything! I visit Florida a couple times a year and I NEVER miss a chance to eat here pretty much every day I’m there!”
Laura Tibbetts
5 star reveiws
“Best Gluten-Free Meal!”
“This is the best gluten free meal. The sandwich bread for the cold sandwiches is moist and spongey like real bread. We had the philly steak panini and the cold roast beef sandwich. Both had plenty of meat. The French fries are crispy and meaty with the best dipping sauces.”
Karen Faust
5 star reveiws
“One of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.”
“Came in for lunch. Nice quiet place off the beaten path. We had the roast beef sandwich and regular fried. From the service to the food everyone and things was awesome. I love me roast beef and that is one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.”
Rebecca Konersman
5 star reveiws
“Turned out to be one of my favorite places…”
“Checked it out for the gluten-free (for a family member), and it turned out to be one of my favorite places to grab lunch in all of downtown Mount Dora! The panini sandwiches, fries, and dipping sauces are incredible. “
Dan King
5 star reveiws
“Super clean!”
“Had lunch today at The Salted Fry after our Segway tour. It is off the beaten path, which was nice to get out of the crowds. The fries are delicious and fresh. The restaurant, rest rooms and out door seating are all super clean! Our favorite dipping sauce was the orange aioli. The staff was very nice and efficient. You should try this place!”
Leslie Boston